The internationalization of the Bike Tour project began in 2008 with the completion of the first edition in Madrid, Spain, and was consolidated in 2009 crossing the Atlantic in the direction of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nowadays is cause of attention and pride in any city around the globe where the event is held. Not only is the main event that attracts the attention as well as all the parallel activities that highlight the importance of the WBT, but the increased use of bicycles as a regular means of transport, and the subsequent awareness about the different social and environmental problems, all of them have a strong in ally in this initiative. The WBT project is now well-received by the various city where is held and by public and private institutions concern with the quality of life of people, with or without disabilities, making a systematic appeal to healthier lifestyles.

In 2011, the event organized in Sao Paulo was the culmination of a process for the WBT project that brought new challenges in Brazil. As a direct result of these challenges was the possibility to organize the event in another major city: Rio de Janeiro.

The municipality of the city expressed interest in implement the project, which includes all the parallel activities inherent to it, thus highlighting the importance of the WBT, not only in the increased use of bicycles, but also in the subsequent  appeal to the awareness of social problems and have in this project in a solid support.

The event in Rio de Janeiro will be held on April 1, 2012, in its first edition by integrating the commemoration of the 447th anniversary of the “Cidade Maravilhosa”. The event will involve 6,000 people that will ride their bicycle for  better quality of life, where social inclusion has the place of honor and will count with the participation the people with visual impairment and physical disability in which is considered for many the world's largest cycling event in the world.



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