My Personal Blog Diet

I’ve had a bunch of people recently ask me what blogs I read to keep up to speed on the industry, trends, and competitive issues relating to the various technologies I work with and am interested in…

Here’s a run-down on my daily blog intake (in no particular order):

General, Internet, Web 2.0

Best of eBay Blogs - We have a lot of really smart people here at eBay, and some of them blog. I’ve taken the initiative to create a compilation blog that aggregates the best and most relevant blog posts from many of these eBay bloggers.

Robert X. Cringely - One of the most insightful technical writers out there, Cringely does a weekly column on everything from Socio-Political topics to detailed blueprints on how Google is trying to take over the world.

John Battelle’s Searchblog - Billed as “Thoughts on the intersection of search, media, technology, and more,” John is the author of “The Search” and has been covering Google happenings — as well as the rest of the industry — forever…

Ray Ozzie - Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, writing on his views of the web and it’s evolution (often specifically relating to Microsoft’s involvement). Doesn’t blog often, but worth the wait.

Om Malik - Writings on broadband, VoIP, and the Internet in general.

Jeremy Zawodny - A Yahoo! Search employee, Jeremy offers great insights on everything from Yahoo product releases to competitive analysis of the Web 2.0 landscape to fun videos and updates on his quest to achieve his pilot’s license (he’s studying for his FAA written exam, just like I am).

Search Engine Watch Blog - Constant stream of headlines, industry happenings, rumors, etc.

Burnham’s Beat - Thoughts on the software industry and investing.

Don Dodge on the Next Big Thing - Part of Microsoft’s Emerging Business team, Don has some great insight into the software and Internet space.

EarlyStageVC - Peter Rip writes from the perspective of an early stage venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Some really insightful stuff, especially for any of you would-be entrepeneurs.

Internet Stock Blog - News and analysis of Internet companies. Some real gems in here, especially for investors. But even if you’re not an investor, a great place to stay up to date on industry rumors.

Feld Thoughts - Brad Feld, a technologist and venture capitalist, writing on life and Web 2.0.

Marc’s Voice - Marc Canter writing on Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 companies.

Mark Evans - Mark Evans writes on technology, telecom, and Web 2.0.

Google Related

Official Google Blog - Google’s official blog for product and company announcements.

The Unofficial Google Weblog - Exactly what the title says…

Google Blogoscoped - Philipp Lennsen’s blog covering Google news and related industry events.

Googling Google - ZDNet blog covering Google.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO - Matt Cutts, a Google employee, writes about the company and about the SEO space.

Others (Less Industry Related)

Boing Boing - The most popular blog on the planet, self-described as “A Directory of Wonderful Things,” this site is a compilation of “pop-Internet culture” and bizarre, interesting tidbits appealing to techies and non-techies alike.

Slashdot - Billed as “News for Nerds,” this is a compilation of posts by members of the community with community editors pushing the most popular content to the top.

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